pg_beer - Social Event - May 16th, 2019

Like our costume: the inevitable pg_beer!
The opportunity to break the ice before the Conference.
All the speakers have been invited and most of them will join us.
The evening is open to all participants, but the number is limited!
Come on, you can't miss!
Where? Trattoria Rivabella.

Tris of first plates

Tagliatelle with ragu souce, Gramigna (tipical pasta) with sausage souce and Tortelloni with butter and sage souce

Tigelle and Crescentine

Tigelle and Crescentine with cold cuts, Squacquerone (typical cheese), vegetables in oil, red Tropea onions in vinegar, Bolognese pesto mountaineer, Friggione (Bolognese typical plate)

For Vegetarians

Bis of first courses: Tortelloni with butter and sage and Spaghetti alla contadina (slightly spicy) - Tigelle and Crescentine (vegetarian), with grilled vegetables

All accompanied by:

House wine (white sparkling Pignoletto and red Sangiovese), beer or soft drinks

At closure

Homemade liqueurs: Limoncello and Liquorice to close with coffee

The history of the Trattoria Rivabella begins long ago, when Nonno Oreste and Nonna Clelia settled in this village with their three children, Giancarlo, Chiarina and Iole, giving new life to the ancient Osteria di Rivabella. Giancarlo, together with his wife Anna Maria (Nonna Bibi), transformed the Osteria in the Trattoria Rivabella, offering the classic dishes of the Bolognese tradition prepared with the best ingredients following the ancient family recipes.

Among the many tasty dishes offered, you should not miss the famous crescentine and homemade tigelle by grandma Bibi, whose recipe is handed down from generation to generation and is secretly kept as a precious treasure.

Trattoria Rivabella

Via Gesso 199, Zola Predosa - Bologna

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